Church of the Incarnation

What is RSS?

Illustration of where to find and how to use RSS news feed subscriptions

A Definition

RSS is just one in a family of file formats used to syndicate content on the internet.

The technology behind RSS allows internet users to subscribe to websites that have provided these feeds; such as those that are updated regularly. Sites such as this one provide the ability for visitors to be automatically notified of updates to information contained on the website such as new community events, photos and upcoming worship services.

In addition to facilitating syndication of content from this website, RSS allows frequent visitors to track updates to the site content automatically using aggregation software (commonly called feed readers) without having to periodically visit the site manually.

The Church of the Incarnation site provides feeds for community-focused content such as upcoming events, group meetings and photos. If you wish to subscribe to any of these feeds, you only need choose the one(s) you are interested in.

How Do I Use RSS Feeds?

In order to view our content feeds, you may first need to install a feed reader application or sign-up for a web-based application. To add a Church of the Incarnation RSS feed, click on the appropriate button or copy the URL and paste it into your chosen application. It’s simple!

An alternative to downloading dedicated news reader software or to using the functionality built into modern web browser software such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer is to use web-based software. For example, My Yahoo! users can now add RSS feeds directly to their personal page and Google offers a free service called Google Reader.


All Feed Updates
Individual Feeds

All feeds are published in RSS 2.0 format.

News Reader Software

News reader software comes in many forms, many of which are freely available or built into the software you use to browse the web. Several popular examples are:

Web browser for Mac, Windows and Linux OSes with an integrated feed reader.
Google Reader
Access your feeds from anywhere using a free Gmail account.
My Yahoo!
Access your feeds from anywhere using a free Yahoo! account.
Apple Safari
Web browser for Mac and Windows OSes with integrated feed reader.
Free standalone desktop news reader software for Mac and Windows and mobile devices.
Free web-based feed reader service.