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Financial Stewardship

May 25, 2021

Financial stewardship is an important part of Christian life. It helps us not just to maintain, but to plan for and build opportunities for worship, outreach, community, sacramental, pastoral and music ministry into the future. In Scripture, God speaks to us, in both the Old and New Testaments, about sacrificial giving as part of our call as Christians.

In the Gospels, In Mark 12:41-44 and 21:1-4, Jesus praises a widow who put into the treasury two small copper coins worth a penny, saying, “truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury. For all of them contributed out of their abundance; but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.”

To sustain what we have now, and to grow, we need to continue with regular financial giving. So I would ask you to reflect both on the Scriptures to which I’ve pointed and on the gifts God has given you, that you have nurtured, built up, and saved. In what ways might you be able to contribute to God’s mission to our community? Perhaps you might think about giving more. Perhaps you might give the same amount you have, but more regularly. Perhaps you might give in one lump sum. Perhaps you might sign up through emailing or calling the office to arrange giving electronically rather than through cheque. Perhaps you are not a member and might want to make a donation to the ministry we are doing in service to this particular area of North York, which you could do through our Canada Helps Page.

Please take the time to consider, in prayer, maybe in discussion with others, or with me, how you might contribute to the ministry and mission of this parish.

If you would like to contribute via cheque, you can mail this to or drop it off in person to the parish (all mail is picked up every day) at:

Church of the Incarnation, Toronto 15 Clairtrell Road Toronto, ON M2N 5J7

If you would like to get set up to give electronically you can call the office at: (416) 221-7516

If you would like to give a donation you can do so through our Canada Helps page.


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