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Easter 2021 Pastoral Letter

Dear Incarnation Family,

We began Lent on Ash Wednesday knowing that we were entering a time of self-examination; where, in a figurative sense, we were given the opportunity to go into the wilderness of our own lives - our frustrations, disappointments, fears, illnesses, losses, and into the joys, hopes, reliefs, expectations - and into the temptations all of these things can bring that can often lead us away from God.

Examining these things, uncovering why we are sometimes (or oftentimes!) tempted away from him, and then saying to God, “I struggle with this or that,” is an act of humility that puts us into a position where we are open to receiving God’s grace.

Lent is truly a time of reflection, prayerful meditation, and repentance. But we do all of these things with an eye toward Easter: the End; the Cross and the Resurrection, where Jesus Christ has fulfilled all things. Indeed, in Jesus’s resurrection we are brought out of winter death into the spring blossoming of new life.

And so we look forward with a hope in God - eternal love and presence - that enables the humility of letting go of our temptations because we remember that we have entered into his life and thereby have received our new lives in him.

And so even though we must continue to endure the trials and ultimate changes wrought by COVID on our lives, we know that God does not abandon us. He is right there abiding with us, challenging us to seek him so that we might share his life of love and grace with others.

For we are an Easter people, and this we are called, even commanded, to live out and so to share! May your Easter Season be blessed with God’s grace and may He sustain you and abide with you for ever!

He is Risen indeed. Alleluia! Alleluia

The Reverend Leigh Silcox


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