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Special Vestry Meeting Announcement

November 10, 2020

Dear Incarnation Family,

At our 2019 Annual Vestry Meeting, we approved the financial report conditional upon approval of the audited financial statements and acceptance of Yale and Partners as the auditors for 2021. Unfortunately, as you know, the pandemic required the closing of Incarnation before the Special Vestry could be held to approve these two motions.

At the same Vestry Meeting we elected a Warden who has since decided not to remain on as Warden. In the interim, Earle Armstrong was asked to temporarily act as Warden. And we have asked Susanne Matchett to serve as warden. According to Canon Law, such positions must be validated during a Special Vestry meeting.

Additionally, we hired several specialists to update our rectory after it had been rented to a third party for a number of years, before I could move in. We are seeking Parish approval at our Special Vestry to recover these costs from our Rectory Fund held by the diocese.

Since we cannot meet in person for a Special Vestry Meeting, we are asking parish members to approve the four motions listed below on the included sheet of paper. Should your household have more than one voting member each individual will receive a separate sheet on which to vote. We ask that you please include your names on these sheets. As usual, we need a way of ensuring a quorem and that the majority of parishioners’ wishes are recorded. These sheets will be shredded after your votes and ‘attendance’ has been recorded.

In the middle of a pandemic we are having to adapt our usual methods and I would ask your indulgence and favourable decision. Should you have any questions about what we are doing please call or email me and I’ll be happy to talk to you. We ask that you please return the voter sheets by November 30th.



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