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Leadership & Vestry

Our new wardens are:
Dean Treasure [Senior Peoples’ Warden]
John Kane [Junior Peoples’ Warden]

Debbie Simpson [Senior Rector’s Warden]
Doris Puddington [Junior Rector’s Warden]

We appreciate their willingness to offer their time and talents to God at Incarnation. Each is committed to Christ and to our church community. They bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and diversity of backgrounds.
Earle Armstrong and Joan Boms, our immediate past senior wardens, completed their service. We are indebted to Earle and Joan for their years of dedication and herculean efforts on our behalf. Joan will continueto serve as Hospitality Animator. Earle is considering other ministries in the church. We will hold an
appropriate celebration of Earle and Joan to express our gratitude.

**Others elected or appointed for 2020: **
Pat McKellar [Vestry Clerk]
Bill Otton [Treasurer]
Catherine Tordoff [Envelope Secretary]
Daphne Lynch [Delegate to Synod] Roberta Aqui [Alternate Delegate to Synod]
Trish Griffiths; Catherine Tordoff [Parish Tribunal]
Denise Clish; Jacob Karimpanamanmil; Prunella Quan Kep [Advisory Board]
Rev. Claire Goodrich-Dyer; Bill Otton [North Yorkers (Group Home)]
Chairs and Co-Chairs for all parish ministries will be announced when the list is complete.

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Date and Time
Sunday March 8, 2020


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