Church of the Incarnation

Clergy & Office Staff

The Reverend Dr. Leigh Silcox

Interim Priest in Charge

Rev. Leigh Silcox Leigh was born in Windsor, Ontario and moved around Southern and Northern Ontario while growing up. He went to North Carolina State University for his undergraduate degrees in business and biology, and then to the University of Toronto for his Master’s and PhD in systematic theology.

His research interests include the concept of truth and its discernment; individual and organizational behavior and decision-making; how Scripture has been interpreted, received and lived, through time, with a particular interest in pre-early modern figural reading; and the ways in which childhood experiences, particularly trauma, shape and form human character, and where God is and can be found in the midst of these things.

In his spare time, Leigh enjoys reading theology, history (particularly early medieval, early modern, and mid 20th century), philosophy, ethics, neuroscience, psychology, anthropology, economics, and as much physics as he can understand. He also enjoys working on electronics projects, (for example a robotic arm to open and close blinds at sun up and down, eventually, a closed system insulin pump complete with continuous glucose monitoring system), using his arduino open source electronic platform and Raspberry Pi SoC (system on chip). But most of his spare time is actually spent trail running, cycling, strength training and occasionally trying out Ontario’s finest craft beers with friends.

T (416) 221-7516


Rector’s Warden
Deb Simpson
People’s Warden
Earle Armstrong
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  • Catherine Tordoff
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Organist & Choir Director
Karen Rymal

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Bill Otton